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Everything in indigo magazine and on this website is under copyright law. This includes articles, illustrations, photos, translations and programming. You are required written permission from the Editor-In-Chief if you intend to use any of the content.

Did you know that ...

indigo is produced by over 100 professionals from all over Europe. They do this besides their other jobs and they are all volunteers.

The project would not have been possible without modern communication tools like skype for calling and googlesheets for general overviews.

indigo is made in seven languages, but more will follow. The indigo team is already discussing with groups that want to set up new language editions in the near future.

Although indigo can be read by more than 300 million Europeans in their native language, the aim is to reach Europeans all over the continent. indigo does not only target EU citizens, but readers from all European countries. All others are welcome to read as well.

The indigo team, while making a european lifestyle magazine, has discovered all kinds of difficulties based on governments and companies that do not think cross-border.  We would not have thought that:
- some big companies have local numbers you can only call from one country
- you cannot register an organisation on a European level

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